Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Review


Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan was made in May 2021, and covered the period up to 2026. During the recent review of the Wiltshire Council Local Plan (formally the Core Strategy) Market Lavington, as a designated Local Service Centre, and deemed capable of supporting new housing development, is currently required to find space for another 55 homes in addition to the land already set aside for development in the existing Neighbourhood Plan. In order to ensure that any further development proposals reflect local wishes in terms of location, design, and local need, we need to be proactive in planning for the future of our village.

It is therefore considered that now is the appropriate time to undertake a review of the existing Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan. The first stage of the review process would be to form a Steering Group, made up of local residents and Parish Councillors.

In order to gauge the opinions and appetite from the local community for undertaking such a review, could we please ask you to contact Carol the Parish Clerk with any comments, and indicate if you would be interested in being part of the Steering Group (by end of February).

email: Tel: 01225 760372

Thank you very much on behalf of the Parish Council