The Independent Examiner completed the examination of the Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan, and submitted her report on the 24th of February 2020.

In response to the Examiner’s Report, Wiltshire Council subsequently issued a 'Decision Statement', which included a 'Schedule of Modifications' that were required to the Plan, in response to the Examiner’s recommendations, and to correct errors within the document.

These modifications, which included the recommendation to remove some of the information from the main Plan document, and create a separate supporting document, have now all been completed.

The revised version of the ‘Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan’ and accompanying 'Evidence Base' document, have now been submitted to Wiltshire Council for review, before preparation for the referendum. Due to COVID-19 and new Government legislation, it is unlikely that the referendum will now take place until May 2021.

Please find below links to copies of the following documents: Regulation 16 submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan used for the examination, the final Examiner's Report and Wiltshire Council's 'Decision Statement'.

Other Neighbourhood Plan documents can be viewed on the Wiltshire Council website using the following link, or on the Neighbourhood Plan website

Examiner's Final Report

Wiltshire Council Market Lavington Decision Statement (proceeding to referendum)

Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan sub draft 210819